Water Interruptions in the Affected Areas as per the PSA

One of the common negative occurrences our country undergoes is the El Niño. It does not only incur a lot of problems for people, it’s also a catastrophic event that can affect a lot of things. Because of this, the El Niño negatively gave impact to Manila Water Company Inc’s., water supply, causing some areas in some parts of the East (Metro Manila and Rizal) to expect interruptions in their water supply.

On Manila Water’s Facebook page, they said that the water interruption, which is caused by a breakage in the mainline at Scout Santiago cor. Quezon Ave., will be affecting some of the barangays in parts of the East.

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In addition to this, they also advised that residents in the following areas should expect “low pressure to no water during demand and peak hours” starting the 6th of March, 2019. 

What are the areas/cities/municipalities affected by these water interruptions?

We will now be dictating the areas, along with the barangays affected by the water service interruption.


  • San Vicente
  • San Roque
  • San Isidro
  • Kalayaan
  • Poblacion (Ibaba)

Antipolo City

  • San Roque
  • San Luis
  • Mayamot
  • Dalig
  • San Jose


  • Tayuman
  • Tatala
  • Tagpos
  • San Carlos
  • Pila Pila
  • Pipindan
  • Pag-asa
  • Mambog
  • Palangoy
  • Pantok
  • Macamot
  • Lunsad
  • Mahabang Parang
  • Libid
  • Libis
  • Limbon-limbon
  • Darangan
  • Kalinawan
  • Layunan
  • Bilibiran
  • Calumpang
  • Ithan
  • Batingan


  • Sipsipin
  • Punta

Mandaluyong City

  • Barangka Drive
  • Buwayang Bato
  • Wack-wack

Marikina City

  • Tumana
  • Fortune
  • Nangka

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Pasig City

  • San Miguel
  • San Joaquin
  • Sagad
  • San Antonio
  • Pinagbuhatan
  • Pineda
  • Oranbo
  • Palatiw
  • Kalawaan
  • Caniogan
  • Kapitolyo
  • Bagong Ilog

Quezon City

  • Horseshoe
  • Bagong Lipunan ng Crame
  • Kamuning
  • Immaculate Conception
  • Kalusugan
  • Kaunlaran
  • Valencia
  • Nayong Kanluran
  • Kristong Hari
  • West Triangle
  • Laging Handa
  • Mariana
  • Phil-Am
  • Pasadena
  • San Martin de Porres
  • Obrero
  • Paligsahan
  • Pasong Tamo
  • Pinagkaisahan
  • South Triangle
  • Roxas
  • Sacred Heart
  • Santa Cruz

Rodriguez City

  • San Jose

San Juan City

  • West Crame
  • Corazon De Jesus

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Taguig City

  • Wawa
  • Ususan
  • Western Bicutan
  • Upper Bicutan
  • New Lower Bicutan
  • Lower Bicutan
  • Central Bicutan
  • Tuktukan
  • Santa Ana
  • South Signal Village
  • North Signal Village
  • Central Signal Village
  • Katuparan
  • Hagonoy
  • Ibayo-Tipas
  • Bambang
  • Bagong Tanyag


  • San Juan
  • Muzon
  • Santa Ana

Water outages and interruptions are things that are inevitable. It can be because of some discrepancies with the utility, it can be because of the equipment; literally any type of thing that might not be healthy for the flow of water to continue.

What can people do in these times?

Just like any sort of problem, there are resolutions. The solutions in preparing for water outages might not be complex or it can be out of the books but these are the basic things that most people fail to follow when they experience this type of scenario in their lives.

There are a bunch of outage checklist that most organized people try to consider every time this happens. Outage checklists could be depending on where the person lives or what the person’s lifestyle is. Nevertheless, here are some of the best and common things that people do whenever they experience water interruptions or outages:

They ensure they have household buckets

Most of the time, barangays and some community members will be sent the notification, hours prior the event, that an upcoming water interruption will take place.

This is some kind of a signal for households to store water that they need for washing the dishes, showering, and for using the toilet.

Ensure that you save sufficient buckets of water in every corner of the house for appropriate usage.

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Alcohols and hand sanitizers are always ready

Since you won’t have any running water to utilize during this period, it is imperative to have alcohols or sanitizers ready. This is going to be extremely useful for hand washing.

More clean drinking water

Make sure to store and keep clean drinking water for emergency purposes. This is both for the purpose of drinking and for using as an alternative to sensitive things like showering infants, etc.

Ensure to store it in a dark place and check the water regularly to make sure it’s clean and ready for use.

No further announcements have been made as regards the resumption of the regular utilization of water. More so, people from all over adjacent regions to those affected should also prepare because there’s a good chance that they will be affected as well.

Last 2017, a 2-day water interruption also occurred and affected over 50,000 households in Metro Manila.


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