P710.00 Additional Wage, Petitioned by the TUCP

Have you ever heard of a request where workers asked for additional wage for their daily salary? Well, if you are an employee, the chances are you have. However, I bet you haven’t heard anything in the context of the daily salary to be adjusted by more than P500.00. Well, the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) filed a petition for workers in Metro Manila to see a P710.00 additional wage in their daily salary.

P710.00 Additional Wage, Petitioned by the TUCP
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They made the petition preceding the National Capital Region Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (NCR-RTWP) last Monday, the 29th of April in Malate, Manila.

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Alan Tanjusay, the spokesman of the TUCP said that if the petition is to be approved, the minimum wage of workers in Metro Manila would hike to P1, 247,00 per day—which he says would be enough for Filipino families to be able to bring food to the table; provide shelter to roof their families; and to give clothing—basically, it’s enough to sustain a family.

What did the petition read? What did it truly have to say?

As per the petition, TUCP said that the current minimum wage of Metro Manila workers don’t meet even basic human needs for necessity like clothing, water, food, transport, health, education, utilities, housing, etc.

In addition to that, the petition pointed out that the P537 minimum wage of workers can grant survival meals and would not have the chance to be able to try something else.

The current minimum daily wage of P537 can only accord workers and their families nutritionally deficient survival meals, which, if continuously unaddressed, will have greater repercussions in the future of the country and of the economy.”

The spokesperson also made a mention that this daily minimum wage is not enough; even highly insufficient in the light of the costs that are hiking in the food and services industry—mainly caused by insufficient government services and the taxes. This would be living hell for the poor Filipinos who can’t afford to buy new things out of their own pockets.

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Sending a subliminal message to Duterte

Tanjusay made it clear that they’re not directing or hitting our dear President Duterte subliminally. It’s just that, their petition is for the betterment of the workers not just in Metro Manila, but Filipino workers in general.

We are not hitting President Duterte or the government with the wage hike petition, we are just telling the decision makers there is an urgent need to raise wages so that people can live decently. It seems that some government economists have set the poverty threshold very much lower than what it should be.”

How about other regions? Would they be observing the same type of increase?

Tanjusay is not closed-minded when it comes to including other regions, cities, and municipalities in their petitions. He said that they are still in the process of computing and studying the correct and appropriate amount of the wages of workers in other regions.

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Meanwhile, Ana Dione, UnderSecretary of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) said that this move might not be necessary to improve the economy of the Philippines because it’s not just the salaries of the workers factored in.

‘yong needs ng workers tapos ‘yong isa naman ‘yong capacity of the employer to pay… and then, iyong needs of the economy.”

When was the last time that this minimum wage was toggled?

Last November of the year 2018, the NCR wage board saw an increase of P25.00 in their daily wages. This act was able to improve and give substantial amount of influence to how the workers behaved in their working environment.

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) is doing extensive and continuous research and study to be able to assess and clarify the scenarios and situations of the workers.

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The Consumer Price Index

For those who are not aware, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is the combination of the values of the necessities of people from food, shelter, clothing, and other things that are relevant for sustainability.

Currently, minimum wage workers take home about P416.00 on a daily basis. If the consumer price index (CPI) is to be factored in, it’s going to climb down to just P354.00 which, is going to give a figure of about P9, 000.00 on a monthly basis.

What do you think about this petition and proposed interest of increasing the daily wage to about P700.00? Would this be balanced to everyone and could this have a positive impact to the Philippine Economy?

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