Extend Your Driver’s License Validity to 10 Years

Are you an LTO Driver’s License holder? If you are, I’m pretty sure that you’re aware that it has an expiry of three (3) years. However, just recently, President Rodrigo Duterte signed the act making the validity of the driver’s license five (5) years—such a treat for motorists in the Philippines.

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You can extend your driver's license validity to 10 years
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Moto Pinas, a website dedicated to bringing news about everything that’s happening road-wise, scheduled an interview with Aty. Romeo Vera Cruz, Land Transportation Office (LTO) Executive Director and what he said really astounded them.

We have a law already: the republic act 10930 and we have already submitted the implementing rules and regulations (irr). For publication na ‘yun.”

What law is this?

This law, if you’re perplexed on what it is, is the law of the standard validity of a driver’s license for five (5) years. Potentially, the ten (10) year license validity is also something that will come into play.

As a matter of fact, their plan on making the or allowing people an extension of their driver’s license validity is part of the Duterte Administration’s effort in putting an end to the underground transactions and corrupt wrongdoings of different government services.

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You can extend your driver’s license validity to 10 years?

When this specific rule was submitted many motorists weren’t aware too. However, people actually have the option to extend their license’s validity to 10 years. Given the fact, of course, that they do not have any violations.

Back in August of 2017, President Rodrigo Duterte signed into law Republic Act (R.A.) 10930. This is more known as the:

Act rationalizing and strengthening the policy regarding driver’s license by extending the validity period of driver’s licenses and penalizing acts in violation of its issuance. 

Prior to this, former President Diosdado Macapagal signed into law Republic Act (R.A.) 4136 back in 1934. The provisions of this Republic Act was amended by R.A. 10930—it states:

Except for student permits, all drivers’ licenses shall be valid for five (5) years reckoned from the birth date of the licensee, unless sooner revoked or suspended: Provided, however, That subject to Section 26 hereof, any holder of a professional or nonprofessional driver’s license who has not committed any violation of Republic Act No. 4136 and other traffic laws, rules and regulations during the five (5)-year period shall be entitled to a renewal of such license for ten (10) years, subject to the restrictions as may be imposed by the LTO.

So, the fact that you can extend your driver’s license validity to 10 years is still currently being studied. However, once this gets into play, motorists won’t have to deal with it for a full decade, can you imagine?

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NOTE: As you can see, as long as you don’t have a violation from the LTO, then you’re eligible to extend you driver’s license validity to 10 years. Given the fact, of course, that it becomes official.

Wouldn’t the validity be too much for the card?

Atty. Cruz was confident when he answered Moto Pinas and he said that the composition of the license card itself is sturdy since it is comprises of polycarbonate material instead of the usual PVC. So, it’s long-lasting and it won’t be fading too easily.

What this imposes is for motorists and drivers to be careful in traversing the road—why? Because it’s not just a ticket anymore they’re risking, it’s also their chance of being able to extend the validity of their driver’s license to 10 years.

So if you’re a motorist, then you should be more careful when you’re going down the road. This, in fact, is one good reason on how the LTO can control motorists and drivers every time they hit the streets.

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Although the price would be a bit too much compared to what we are paying for it now, the convenience it provides that it would be doubling the good thing you have is more than just for a price.

If you know people who are prone to traffic violations, tell them about this—they too might be more than just surprised by this hell of an update and this can actually make all drivers and motorists more careful when on the road.

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