EDSA Provincial Bus Ban to Start Next Week

Many hearsay revolve around the topic of provincial buses being banned in EDSA. In this regard, a lot of people became worried because buses are one of the best, easiest, and most convenient rides for people traveling to and fro provinces. With the provincial bus ban, people will scatter and put more thought on how they are going to travel.

Provincial Bus Ban in EDSA to Start in August
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The provincial bus ban has been a hot topic for months now and just recently, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is ready to impose the widely opposed provincial bus ban in EDSA.

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After facing a lot of obstacles, promises, and preparations, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) issued memorandum circular 2019-031. This would amend provincial bus routes to be halted at interim terminals on the 2nd of August 2019.

Dry run of the provincial bus ban

Jojo Garcia, MMDA General Manager, said that the MMDA is trying to consider when the provincial bus ban is going to take place. It could either be on August 6, 2019, which is a Tuesday, or on August 7, 2019 which is a Wednesday.

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Ang tentative po natin is either August 6 or 7, either Tuesday or Wednesday ‘yan. Magme-meeting lang kami ngayong week na ito ulit kung maayos na ba itong mga ruta.”

Garcia added that even if it’s just a dry run, people who will be caught violating will be imposed penalties. What this aims to do is to somehow put control over to the flow of traffic in EDSA.

Mag-e-enforce kami, pero dry run lang, pero may huli. Alam naman natin ‘yung mga matitigas na ulong kababayan natin, kapag walang enforcement, walang sumusunod.”

In Translation: We will enforce even if it’s just a dry run. There will still be penalties to those who will violate. We are all familiar of people, specifically Filipinos who don’t listen. If there’s no enforcement, no one will obey and follow.

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So, from this, it is quite evident that the MMDA is serious about imposing the provincial bus ban in EDSA. Even if it’s just for practice, they aim to put penalties to people who will be caught violating.

What exactly is the bus ban?

Some people are still confused on what the provincial bus ban is. To give you an idea on what it is, the provincial bus ban is a memorandum that halts provincial buses from exiting and entering Metro Manila by cutting or modifying their routes at interim terminals.

These interim terminals are are in:

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  • Valenzuela City (for trips from the north)
  • Sta. Rosa, Laguna (for trips from the south).

The routes of these city buses will be extended to the interim terminals. What this means is that people either leaving or coming from the Metro might be taking two (2) rides soon.

Although it’s going to be a hassle for people who are traveling to and fro provinces, it will drastically improve the traffic that is seen in EDSA.

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Garcia said that they are expecting that when the circular comes out, all Local Government Units (LGUs) will cancel their business permits.

We’re hoping po na paglabas ng circular na yan, and effective ng August 2, hopefully by August 5 (Monday), we will write the concerned LGUs, Quezon City and Pasay requesting to cancel all business permits.”

In Translation: We are hoping that when the circular is released, which is on August 2, 2019, hopefully by August 5, 2019, we will write the concerned LGUs, Quezon City, and Pasay requesting to cancel all business permits.

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So, while they are still waiting for the order of the LGUs to have their business permits cancelled, the dry run will take place.

What do you think about the provincial bus ban on EDSA? Would this have drastic positive changes on the flow of traffic in the infamous highway? Or wouldn’t this have any effect?

Source/s: Philippine Daily Inquirer | Spot PH

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