3 More Warships, Acquired by the Armed Forces of the Philippines, to Arrive Next Year

Just recently, South Korea, a partner of the Philippines, donated a warship (PS-39) or the BRP Conrado, capable of warfare and other helpful uses. This gift from South Korea will serve great purpose in terms of the Philippine Navy (PN) defending our country from external threats as well as servicing Filipinos especially those who thrive in the seas.

3 more warships to arrive next year, BRP Jose Rizal to be the first
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September 8, 2019, however, the naval capability and forces of the Philippines will greatly be boosted further. Why? Because three (3) more warships would be arriving next year.

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General Benjamin Madrigal, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief, announced this great addition to the fleet last Friday when he attended the 13th founding anniversary of the Western Mindanao Command (Westmincom).

BRP Jose Rizal ship

As per Madrigal, the first (1st) to arrive next year would be the frigate class of the Philippine Navy (PN) launched in Ulsan, South Korea. This frigate is classified as the BRP Jose Rizal frigate.

In addition to added capabilities, this frigate would greatly complement the Pohang Class warship, donated by South Korea—the BRP Conrado (PS-39). Given the fact that the BRP Conrado only arrived last month, the BRP Jose Rizal would be of great additive to the functions and roles of the BRP Conrado.

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Madrigal told the forces of the AFP and the Philippine Navy that the AFP’s improvement of the AFP is swift and amazing.

The improvement of the AFP capabilities is fast. We have delivery of naval ships.”

Is the arrival in accordance with the China-Philippines issue?

As we all are aware, we have too few instances and nudges with China in terms of island ownership. Is our country preparing for any capability of wa2r with the Asian giant? The answer is no. 

Madrigal told and clarified reporters and the media that the arrival of 3 more warships next year is not in any way connected to the debate we have with China. So, all the issues revolving around the receiving of warships is not true.

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The real reason why the AFP is developing and improving its naval capability is and was in the pipeline of the modernization program of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Furthermore, he said that these developments is not just to be provided with added and heightened security but also to respond to different incidents like flooding, landslides, and the like.

Our posture is not only to attain security but on our capability to respond to contingencies like calamities, capability to work together in interoperability with our allies.”

He put emphasis to the fact that the addition of the BRP Conrado (the warship last month), along with 3 more warships next year, is to increase the capability of the AFP and to ensure that the maximum security of the Philippines while securing the country along with its people’s welfare—especially the welfare of farmers and fishermen.

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Lastly, Madrigal expressed his deepest gratitude to President Rodrigo Duterte for his support and his continuous development of forces through alliances.

We are very fortunate we have a President who is very supportive, and the President recognizes the contribution of our soldiers in attaining peace and development in our country.”

Following the visit of some South Korean warships’ friendly visit to Manila, is the announcement that 3 more warships for the AFP is going to be given by next year. Hopefully, acquiring more warships can be utilized for much greater purposes than just for war.

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As Madrigal mentioned, these added capabilities by the AFP is not just for warfare—but also to quickly respond to calamities and emergencies as needed by the Filipino people.

What do you think about the adding of 3 more warships to the AFP’s arsenal? Is this move relevant in terms of saving the country from the state we are currently in? Would this acquisition be helpful in terms of helping our countrymen especially the fishermen?

Source: The Philippine Star (PhilStar)

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