Removal of EDSA’s U-Turn Slots to Improve Traffic?

With the countless trials and proposals to help our country’s traffic woes, nothing really seems to work. In fact, we went on to the extreme of having a “car-brand coding scheme.” Frankly, some of these solutions seem to fit, while some of it just seems ridiculous.

Removal of EDSA's u-turn slots to solve EDSA traffic?
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That being said, many have tried appealing to the Philippine government about how they can improve the traffic. There were different approaches and plans; there even were the construction of different transport hubs in and out the Metro.

House Lawmaker Bienvenido “Benny” Abante, had a different idea. He said that the removal of EDSA’s u-turn slots can help ease the traffic gridlock in the Metro. Moreover, he said that this can be “the solution” to the EDSA traffic woes we’ve been trying to resolve.

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Could the removal of EDSA’s u-turn slots be the answer?

He said that he was thinking of this solution for quite some time now. In addition to that, he said that the fast lane should only be dedicated to carpools.

I was thinking na tanggalin na ‘yung mga U-turn na ‘yan, and then ‘yung fast lane should be dedicated to carpools. For example, like mga two or three passengers, doon dadaan.”

In Translation: I was thinking to remove those u-turn slots. Then, the fast lane should be dedicated only to carpools. For example, two (2) or three (3) passengers would be the only ones passing there.

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If you think about it, it does make sense. The u-turn slots could be one of the primary reasons why traffic is existent in EDSA. Motorists who are in the wrong lanes would take an effort to be at the lane they needed to be. Therefore, removing this could have some sort of help to the traffic.

The history of EDSA’s u-turn slots

Abante further explained that Congressman BF, Bayani Fernando, made and opened some u-turn slots in EDSA. He said that this was the reason why it became rampant. However, he continued, at that time, there were only a few cars, now, it has tripled.

Many years back, Congressman BF, Bayani Fernando, made some U-turn’s sa EDSA. And that time syempre konti pa lang ang mga saskayan, but now it’s three folds.[And that time of course, the cars weren’t that many; but now, it increased three folds].”

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Abante further explained that the removal of EDSA’s u-turn slots should be done this holiday season. He said that this is needed since the production of cars is unstoppable, and one way we can approach it is by removing the u-turn slots.

How can this be effective?

With his idea, Abante gave an example of how the removal of EDSA’s u-turn slots will help ease the congestion. He said that at EDSA, Shaw Boulevard, and Quezon Boulevard (Cubao), they’ll turn right to Shaw Boulevard, and then make a u-turn. But with the proposal, they cannot make a u-turn.

At EDSA, Shaw Boulevard, tapos Quezon Boulevard, Cubao, they will turn right to Shaw Boulevard and then make a U-turn, but they cannot make a U-turn to EDSA, to go left.”

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Meaning, the removal of EDSA’s u-turn slots’ aim is to limit the number of cars in one particular road. Doing so would prohibit drivers to squeeze their ways in to a specific lane.

This would definitely ease the congestion in multiple parts of EDSA, both northbound and southbound. But can this be a long-term fix to the traffic issues we always wanted to solve?

Four-day work week

As we all know, many proposals to add an option of having a four-day work week has been submitted. In fact, in addition to his proposal, he also said that imposing a four-day work week would help ease the congestion our country is experiencing. He said that the four-day work week could:

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  • Limit the number of cars on the road
  • Lessen the people traveling on a daily basis
  • Increase the productivity rate of businesses and establishments by forty (40) percent

With this, he emphasized that two (2) proposed measures which seeks to compress the regular five (5) day work week into four (4) has already been filed at the lower chamber.

Could the removal of EDSA’s u-turn slots really be the key? Would changing the work week to just four (4) days per week also help? What do you think about the lawmaker’s thoughts? Would this really aid in the congestion of the infamous traffic Metro Manila has?

Source/s: Top Gear PH | CNN Philippines

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