Things That can Put You at Risk For the COVID-19 Infection

After hearing several updates and news about the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), it could possibly cause panic to people. The Department of Health (DOH) recently made an announcement that the Coronavirus is at Code Red warning.

Be free from being at risk for the COVID-19 infection
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Somehow, on the brighter side, people are slowly learning to be more conscious and cautious with their surroundings. In addition to that, they also commit to voluntary medical check-ups, doing proper research, and keeping themselves updated with announcements, warnings and news updates.

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The question is, how can we prevent being at risk for the COVID-19? On a daily basis, we encounter and we touch things; so how can we avoid it?

Experts’ regular advice

Scientists, researchers, and experts always recommend:

  • Avoid touching public transportation handrails;
  • Using of fast food bathrooms or twisting doorknobs; and
  • Avoiding crowded places.

However, these are not enough for a person to clearly be safe from the infamous COVID-19. Furthermore, there are a couple of things that you also need to be mindful about. So, here is the list of things that everyone should be mindful of, to  help avoid being at risk for the COVID-19 infection.

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Cosmetic and Personal Care Products and Testers

This is for the Ladies who love to shop and make sure that all products they’ll be purchasing is of good quality. Usually, these products have their testers. These testers are usually tested by so many people; even those who are not at all interested to buy the certain product.

Sometimes, these testers are not properly cleaned every time a customer tries it. Imagine using a product that is shared by hundreds, even thousands of unknown people with unknown bacteria, germs or worse, viruses.

At this time, the best way to help yourself be safe from being at risk for the COVID-19 is by not trying out testers and products first.

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People who love eating out might be at the biggest risk for the infection. According to experts and researchers, shared utensils are not usually disinfected; so you run the risk of having an infection.

Most restaurants are currently making sure that they clean and sanitize their utensils thoroughly. However, bringing your own utensils won’t make you less of a person. This is just one way of thinking in advance and that you are aware how it was cleaned, sanitized and used. This way, you can also lessen the chances of you getting any type virus.

Different Gestures of Giving Respect

Filipinos are known to be one of the races who give respect no matter what age is in question. Giving beso or “cheek-to-cheek” to our dear friends and family members; shaking hands or even paying respect to the elders through mano.

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This, in fact, is the closest person-to-person contact that people do. In this time when the COVID-19 is at its peak, we need to avoid any close-contacts with people especially now that no symptoms show easily.

One way of keeping yourself free from running the risk of having COVID-19 is to make sure that you don’t have close contacts with people; even with people in your household.

Handrails, Doorknobs, Toilet Flushes, and Switches

Especially when we travel, we can’t avoid touching handrails, doorknobs, toilet flushes, and switches daily. Moreover, when we are outdoors and we use these things in public places, we always – even unconsciously, touch things we don’t even plan on touching.

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But did you know that there are ways how you can avoid touching them?One is using your behind to enter and exit backwards; another is using your elbow or tissue papers when flushing toilets (dispose after using tissue).

In the event that you really cannot avoid touching these things, you need to make sure that you wash your hands immediately with soap or that you use alcohol or hand sanitizers with a 70% solution.


If you try Googling the dirtiest things you touch everyday, money or bills would be part of whatever list.

Money travels through thousands of people’s hand which makes a good breeding ground of bacteria, germs, and viruses. On a daily basis, we are not mindful of this and usually forget to sanitize after we hold money.

If paying cashless is an option, it’s the best time to do so. Make sure that you clean your hands and wipe your cards afterwards to avoid being at risk for the COVID-19 infection.

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Sharing Pens, Other Shared Items

There would be times that you’d be in dire need to fill a document out; it may be in a government or in a public office. Wherever it may be, there will be pens available for the borrowers or even employee-to-employee relationships who share pens.

Most usually, these pens are not sanitized – and it can be both for personal and public use. What you can do to avoid being at risk for the COVID-19 infection is by bringing your own pen if you deem that you will need to fill out documents.

Condiment Bottles

In food hubs, places, and in restaurants, the most borrowed and shared out of all the tools are the condiments. It could be soy sauce, vinegar, and fish sauce – even ketchup.

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Some people even observe that these containers are sometimes sticky and oily; meaning, they are not cleaned and sanitized as often as they need to be. Since it is shared, it runs the risk that these condiment bottles, may contain viruses and bacteria – they can linger on these bottles.

If you are to use and make some delicious dips, use paper towels to cover the bottles or just wash your hand right away after using them. This way, you are saving yourself from being at risk of getting the COVID-19 infection.

Laptops and Computers

In our time now, using laptops, computers, and other gadgets make up 80 percent of our day. It can be because of our work; our habits, and even our leisure.

If you use laptops and computers that are used publicly, you need to make sure that you sanitize it first. Even if you’re just going to use your own private gadget, you also run the chance of being infected with the COVID-19 infection if you don’t take precautionary actions.

What you can do is to make sure that you properly clean and sanitize the keyboard, mouse, and even the place where you’re going to be in. The COVID-19 virus can stay and linger for up to 12 hours on metal surfaces – so we can’t assume that it’s just going to go away.

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Gym Equipment

With the promotion of health and fitness, people tend to work out on a regular basis nowadays. This is to keep themselves healthy, stronger, and more fit.

Of course, this also is some kind of a way of sharing an item to others such as workout equipment. But we shouldn’t worry because most gyms always make sure that they have first-hand protectors and sanitizing sprays.

However, if you are not feeling comfortable with their ways of sanitizing, you can always ask for alcohol or disinfectants. Alternatively, you can just take a bath every after sessions.

If possible, you can just work out and exercise at home. There are some workout programs that do not need any equipment anyways. Look for alternative things to use as a workout equipment and be creative.

Running the risk of obtaining or being infected with the COVID-19 infection is something that is easy for gym equipment to have. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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Touch Screens, Debit and Credit Cards, Transactions, and ATM Machines

Putting yourselves at risk for the COVID-19 by using ATM machines and debit transactions in restaurants, gasoline stations, department stores, convenience stores, and in groceries also has public contact.

So, before clicking on those touch screen devices, make sure to clean and properly sanitize your hands. Akin to laptops and computers, your smartphones can also be a carrier of such viruses if you would not do habitual washing of hands or sanitizing.

You can properly and appropriately sanitize your smartphones by wiping it off with alcohol. Always make sure that you do so because you unknowingly touch your phones even when your hands are dirty.

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One thing people tend to disregard in this case is by improving and strengthening their immune systems. The COVID-19 is a virus; and it’s not something everyone will get when they get in contact with an infected person.

The passing of it still depends on the strength and the vulnerability of people. So, we need to make sure that we do precautionary actions and measures when we do so.

We need to ensure that we boost our health by taking supplemental vitamins, by indulging in proper diet, and by having proper hygiene. Having the risk for the COVID-19 infection is something overlooked by many people. Some firmly believe that they’ll be safe from the virus; that when they get infected, they’ll recover.

But what about those that you encounter that are not confident? So, the best and the wisest thing to do is to make sure that everyone is safe; and you need to ensure that you have items and equipment to keep you safe from it.

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