Newlyweds in Japan Can Receive Up To 600,000 Yen

Japan is known as one of the countries that has a low birthrate. This is because of the fact that many Japanese people choose to marry later in their lives; or, they decide to stay unmarried.

Newlyweds in Japan to Receive Lump Sum Amount
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Due to this, the Japanese government setup a program that would boost the interest of Japanese people. In fact, newlyweds in Japan would give about 600,000 yen to help cover up costs for couples’ new lives.

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Eligibility of the Program

Not everyone who will get wed will have the opportunity. Here are some of the eligibilities:

  • Must be within a municipality that adopted the program
  • Both the husband and the wife need to be below 40 years old on the registered date of marriage
  • Their income brackets must be below 5.4 million Yen per year until 35 years old; and must be below 4.8 million Yen under the current conditions for assistance up to 300,000 Yen.

Newlyweds in Japan actually get this kind of program. However, due to the demand and the staggering low birth rate, the government developed and enhanced the program.

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Originally, the couple need to shoulder at least half of the expenses.

Which Municipalities Offer the Program?

In case you’ve been wondering, only about 15 percent of all towns, villages, and cities are offering the program. This translates to somewhere around 281 municipalities all over the country, as of July of this year.

Addressing the low birth rate in Japan is actually a mere sign of them needing young people.

On average, 1.36 children is the figure a woman would bear. Back in 2019, a total of 865,000 babies were born.

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When Will the Program Start?

As per some sources, this program will start sometime around April of next year.

However, all interested couples must take note that only certain municipalities have adopted this program.

What do you think of the Japanese program to give newlyweds a chance to start a better life? If you’ve always wanted to go to Japan, marry in Japan!

Source/s: Japan Times | Manichi JP

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