Tired Of All Those Generic Earthquake Tips? This Is The Ultimate Earthquake Survival Guide That Would Literally Save Lives

Just recently, an earthquake has struck our country with Batangas as its epicenter having a 5.4 magnitude. Just two days ago, there were also reports that earthquakes have been happening – as of 5:51 PM, PHIVOLCS recorded five earthquakes. We can never tell when mother nature wants to unleash its wrath or when it becomes tired of everything that has been happening so we won’t be able to accurately and timely anticipate it. What we can do is to prepare for it in the best ways that we can.

We have been aware of all the earthquake survival tips but what tips can really save lives? What actions can ensure the safety of us and our loved ones? Here are several of the extreme earthquake survival tips you can consider to ensure your safety and comfort.

Before the Earthquake

Store the goodies. Even if there is no earthquake, it is imperative for us to have an emergency kit handy in times like these. Try to include the following in your emergency kit:

  • Flashlights
  • Canned food and water for family members for at least a week
  • First-aid kit
  • Can opener
  • Toilet paper
  • Garbage bags
  • Spare batteries
  • Candles
  • Plastic ties for sanitation
  • Whistle/Anything that can make sound that is not flammable
  • Try to load your car/s with emergency kits and first-aid kits; be prepared.
  • Take note of malfunctioning gas connections and plugs (electrical wirings)

The last thing you want is your house to be solely responsible for doing more damage in your home.  Contact a professional to help you fix it; do not rely on DIY because it might end up being worse than you can possible imagine.

Heavy ceramics should never be placed on top shelves; top shelves should contain lightweight breakable items in enclosed cabinets with locks.  Place furniture in places where you can easily treat them as leverage in times when you need them to support you.  Even if no disaster strikes you, it is great to place furniture strategically in and around your home.

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During the Earthquake

If you’re indoors – stay inside and keep calm

1. Stay under strong desks to avoid heavy objects to fall on your head.

2. Stray away from glass walls, heavy furniture, etc – the kitchen is not a safe place.

3. Stay calm and firm; do not panic.  If you’re inside a building, stay away from windows and doors – do not use the elevator.

4. Do not exit a building during shaking.  Wait for the shaking to stop then calmly exit through the fire exit.

5. Stay where you are and avoid moving from one place to another.

If you’re outside – stay outside and keep calm

1. Stay away from trees, posts, buildings, and utility wires.

2. Find an open area where you know no debris can fall unto your head.

3. If you happen to be on a mountain, do know that landslides might occur so stray away from cliffs.

4. If you happen to be near the ocean, get to higher ground because tsunamis are often associated with earthquakes.

If you’re driving – pull over and keep calm

1. Stay away from trees, buildings, posts, and utility wires.

2. Put your seatbelt on if you haven’t; remain calm until the shake is over.

3. Check your radio to know about the updates.

4. Once the shaking stops, proceed driving with caution.  Do not panic and speed up – keep an eye out for roadblocks, danger zones, etc.

After an Earthquake

1. Stay calm and prepare for aftershocks – earthquakes most often have aftershocks.

2. If wounded, treat them immediately and drink plenty of water while it is still calm.

3. Use radio and other devices to know about updates and news.

4. If you got trapped under a debris, do not panic.

5. Do not kick up dust or move around

6. Cover mouth with any type of clothing or handkerchief

7. Make noise after the trembling has stopped to let people know that you’re in somewhere

Some of these are considered basic but they can definitely save your life in cases of an earthquake.  Before catastrophes, it is important to prepare so you won’t go and panic when mother nature submits its wrath.  At all times, be calm and do not forget to think; do not make sudden actions without deliberating first whether it can help you and others around you or not.

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