Jobs For Senior Citizens Will be Allotted to Senior Citizens in Makati

Here in the Philippines, there has little-to-zero consideration for senior citizens when it comes to jobs. This is not to project a negative impact but because Filipinos are caring and they are not looking to tire and to exhaust senior citizens. However, the Makati government is giving senior citizen’s a chance to work again and the Makati subway will be the key to this.

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This image was taken from Inquirer | | Abigail Binay will prioritize senior citizens for jobs in the Makati City Subway

What is the Makati subway?

If you did not remember, the Makati subway is one of the few projects under the Duterte Administration that would be changing the transportation experience of all Filipinos in and out of Metro Manila. In addition to that, the Makati subway will be including some cities adjacent to the Metro which will promote convenience to commuters.

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Abigail Binay-Campos, Makati City Mayor, said that the partners of the local government (which are private sector companies) agreed to hire some senior citizens to fill different posts and positions that will be available when the subway begins its operations.

When will the Makati City subway finish?

Based on observation and the study, the Makati City subway will be open in five (5) years and by then, different job posts will be available. These are part of the job posts that senior citizens will fill up.

In addition to what Mayor Abby Binay said, the local government of Makati yearns to keep the elderly productive and income-generating. This is for them not to rely on financial aid from friends, relatives, and family members and monthly pensions if they have any.

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Are all senior citizens given this chance?

Based on the statement made by Makati City Mayor Abby Binay, the senior citizens of Makati City will be the one in priority in hiring workers for the phase of the construction of the Makati City subway system. However, when the operations are going full blast, senior citizens from all over the country will be given the chance to work for it.

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Binay said that they are kind of mirroring the action that Japan has done where they keep almost all of their elderly busy by working.

Our private sector partners in the Makati Subway project are amenable to hiring able-bodied senior citizens to fill up various posts that will be available once the subway starts its operations about five years from now. Just as what Japan has done, we want to keep our elderly residents productive while providing them with a steady source of income for their essential needs.”

To give you an idea on what the subway will offer, the Makati City station based on observation and study said that it’ll have at least thirty (30) stations which are all linked to destinations within the Metro.

In expectation, the Makati City subway will be able to service around 27, 000 passengers in an hour in all directions. In addition to that, the entire system had their promise of providing a hassle-free interval of three (3) to six (6) minutes on the first year. The trains? Well, there will be twelve (12) trains operational in the first year.

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Abby Binay led the ceremonial drilling last December for this certain project at the grounds of the Makati City Hall. To add to this, it also revealed the scale model of the subway in the lobby. There were other participants in this ceremony like Makati City Officials, other representatives of the private consortium, and her father, former Vice President Jejomar Binay.

The Makati City subway to improve the society

Mayor Abby Binay made sure to emphasize that this project would be a drastic positive legacy to Makati and its people. She confidently said that the subway would extremely enhance the transportation and the life quality in the city not just for the people living today, but also for the future generation.

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So, having that said, allowing senior citizens to work is one thing; the completion of the Makati City Subway is another. What do you think about this? Would this be of good impact to both the society and the economy?

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  1. yes.. I believe it is a very positive move.. personally.. I know most able and willing senior citizens are still wanting to work and earn their dues from their own efforts. It is not a good feeling that you only get to fill your wallets and pocket with money from dole outs..even from your family members or relatives, even from the government.. If we are still able to work..we should be given the chance..


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