The Change of K to 12 to be Studied by CHED

As we all know, there have been recent changes within the past few years in the basic education sector. The changes, as most of us are aware of is the change from the basic education to K to 12 by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

The Change of K to 12 to be Studied by CHED
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CHED made a mention of the “defective” system of the K to 12 program and this led them to take a step back and study the transition that was made. Overall, they decided that they need to “review then change” the approval process of some projects that are under the K to 12 transition program.

Prospero De Vera III, Chairman of CHED said that the programs that are under the new K to 12 Transition Project Management Unit (TPMU) were shifted to Research, Knowledge and Management, Office of Planning, and other organic offices.

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In specifics, the CHED Chairman made a mention of the CHED Discover-Applied Research and Extension for the Trans and Inter disciplinary Opportunity or the DARE TO Research pardon has been given to the OPKRM. He said that CHED made the decision of studying and observing and then modifying the approval of all these projects.

The Commission decided to review and change the approval of all DARE [TO] projects. We placed all research projects under OPKRM instead of the K to 12 project management unit.”

In addition to that, De Vera said that there is no K to 12 PMUs and all K to 12 projects are currently under regular CHED Offices.

Some time earlier, there are receivers of the DARE TO project who asked for clarification from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) on the releasing of the budget because it had a delay. The recipients supposed that the delay ensued to the slowing of the implementation of projects and the non granting of the salary for researches that are project-based.

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As of the moment, CHED is not accepting any new projects that will be under the DARE TO project. He said that it was defective and that it needed reevaluation.

The existing projects were all fully funded. we will not approve projects that were evaluated using a defective system because COA [Commission on Audit] disallowances will come out and I can be charged in the Ombudsman.

De Vera adds that the Congress would cut the funding for the K to 12 program and would be a drastic amount.

I stopped all new DARE TO projects because the K to 12 project of [Patricia] Licuanan was defective, plus Congress cut the K-12 funding for research by P800 million.”

The CHED Chairman also cited that this is the exact case of the scholarships for the K to 12 faculty. He explains further that it is defective that around 3, 400 scholars were not able to receive their allotted allowances since the year 2016 when Licuanan fled the post and when he took over.

De Vera said that he halted the scholarship program until the time that they improve the system. More so, he clarified that there are only around 160 scholars who were not able to receive their stipends because the COA is not allowing it.

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In other news, Nelson Cainghog, OPKRM Director said and did confirmed that the K to 12 Transition program’s management unit is no longer existent.

The program itself still exists but not the management unit.”

Cainghog also added that because of the system being defective, CHED is in the process of provisioning different modes or filters of implementation when it comes to project recipients. He said that they are setting up new and improved policies not per each grantee but per institution.

Last but most definitely not the least, Cainghog said that this can’t go against the rules of COA. It was deemed that the funds should be used in the most appropriate ways possible.

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So, having all of that knowledge, we know that the K to 12 Program is an effort that is directed to the strategic development of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and their personnel in its transition period from year 2016 to 2021.

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