Trump Says That He’ll Allow U.S. Companies to Sell to Huawei

As per most recent news, all Huawei users became distressed when they found out that Huawei has been backlashed by a lot of U.S. companies by not allowing their services to work on Huawei devices. Yes, Huawei received this news due to the fact that the United States tech department said and accused Huawei devices to somehow steal information from their users.

Trump called cease fire and allowed US companies to still service Huawei
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A brief history of what happened

It started out with Google—in fact, the company said that Google services will be unavailable to newer Huawei devices. Yes, the Google Play Store, GMail, and other Google applications, programs, and services will be unavailable. Next comes Intel where they said that they won’t be anymore providing support to Huawei services.

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Facebook, on the other hand, came along and joined the majority of U.S. companies as they said that Huawei phones will no longer be supplied with Facebook apps like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp; this goes to newly purchased Huawei devices.

In turn, Huawei said that they are currently formulating different plans on setting up their own operating system (OS), their own application store—literally everything so in the event that these companies continue not to support them, they’ll be fine.

President Trump allowed U.S. Companies to still continue service

Just recently, United States President Donald Trump, said that he is planning on allowing U.S. companies to still sell services to Huawei. Together with Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, had a meeting during the Group of 20 Summit in Japan.

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During their meeting, Trump expressed his sympathy and said that he is planning on reaching a pause in the ongoing US and China trade war.

Huawei is one, if not the top high-tech equipment company of China and this is what the United States targeted to break down. As a matter of fact, most people don’t know this but Huawei is actually the biggest telecom gear supplier. By this, the move of not allowing U.S. companies to service and be in partnership with Huawei is just a crushing fact for Huawei.

The Wall Street Journal, an international and English-based newspaper, reported that the cease-fire declared by the US President would be delaying tariffs amounting to $300 billion in Chinese goods—that of course are not yet subject to the tariffs 25 percent in exchange for the “purchasing of larger amounts of American farm products” by China.

A lot of tech experts and specialists think that this move is just some sort of a retardation from the 5G race that is currently happening globally. Huawei immediately and continually made denials about the accusations of them spying on their mobile phone users.

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Guo Ping, Huawei Chairman, said to reporters back when the issue was rising, that the US government is planning on doing what is currently happening now because they obviously cannot compete with what Huawei has been doing and providing.

The U.S. government has a loser’s attitude. They want to smear Huawei because they can’t compete with us. The U.S. has abandoned all table manners.”

What happened to ZTE?

Tracing back to last year, ZTE, another Chinese international tech company suffered the same fate, in fact, even worse. They were banned from having any type of partnership and business in the West coast.

Last year, however President Trump said that he is reversing the seven-year-ban on the purchase of US components by the company.

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Michael Wessel, an American commissioner of the US-China Economic and Security said that he is willing to accept wealth while trading the full and the trusted security of their country.

As Trump did with ZTE, it appears he’s willing to accept a fistful of dollars while trading away our security. But we need to see the full scope of his handout to Huawei.”

So because of this update, Huawei users need not to be worried anymore because the US Commerce Department allowed U.S. companies to still see partnerships and business with Huawei products and services.

Are you planning to purchase a Huawei device? Do you plan on purchasing one of the newer flagship smartphones that Huawei offers? If yes, then nothing should be stopping you right now because a cease-fire on the US and China trade war has been called.

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