LTO to Start Giving RFID Refund on August 15, 2019

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) made the announcement that starting August 15, 2019, all motor vehicle (MV) registrants who paid for the Radio Frequency ID (RFID) will be given a refund from their respective local LTO offices.

RFID refund to be given by the LTO
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Edgar Galvante, LTO Assistant Secretary, said that car owners, drivers, and motorists who paid their RFID fees within the time period of August 1, 2009 until January 15, 2010 will be the ones to get the refund.

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RFID Refund

As per Galvante, this move is in compliance to the decision of the Supreme Court (S.C.) in G.R No. 190431. This dates back last January 31st, 2017.

In the said procedures, the RFID refund covers all MV registrants in the whole Philippines who paid necessary RFID fees to conform with the Land Transportation Office (LTO)  LTO Memorandum Circular Nos. ACL-2009-1199 and ACL-2009-1220; and Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Circular No. 2009-06.

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Why are they giving an RFID refund?

The Supreme Court mentions that the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) for the RFID is void due to “failure to undergo competitive public bidding.”

In addition to that, according to the ruling from the Supreme Court (S.C.), the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) of the RFID reads as “a separate and distinct contract from the Build-Own-Operate agreement of the Stradcom Corporation with the LTO.

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Moreover, the memorandum said that the RFID is a mere and relevant enhancement and development. It will be deemed as valid if the MoA is in compliance and accordance to the Build-Operate-Transfer Law.

Stradcom Corporation is the Information Technology (I.T.) company/provider that the LTO is in partnership with with whatever tech help they need.

Can motorists claim the refund in any LTO office?

The RFID refund of fees shall be claimed ONLY at the LTO district office where it was collected. Other LTO offices would not have your payment so you might not be able to file for a claim.

How many people paid the RFID fees?

The master list of the LTO recorded a total of 85,657 RFID fees payers. Moreover, these shall be distributed to the corresponding LTO Regional Offices and District Offices; and it shall be posted in a conspicuous place for the reference of the RFID fee claimants.

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How can a claimant file for a claim?

Although District and Regional LTO Offices have copies of the RFID transaction, motorists should do their part as well.

All RFID fee refund claimants shall accomplish the following:

Natural persons

  • Duly accomplish the refund request form (Annex A)
  • Attach one (1) valid government issued ID (photocopy) but it’s best to bring the original, too

Corporation or Juridical persons

  • An original and duly notarized Secretary’s Certificate.

Should a claimant be eligible for the RFID refund, he shall be refunded the price amounting to Php 350.00. An additional amount of Php 9.00 as the legal interest earned at the average rate of 0.3262% per annum.

Once done, all RFID claimants shall be required to duly sign an acknowledgement receipt of the foregoing refund.

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This way, no one can fraud the system; it’s all in the system and on paper. When a claimant successfully receives the claim, a receive receipt is to be signed by them, too.

What if the office where the claimant paid the fees closed?

Should a claimant find the office where they paid the fees go out of operations, they can proceed to the nearest LTO regional or district office to claim the RFID refund.

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It is only right the government gives back the full amount, as well as the interest, to the respective motor vehicle owners.”

So  if you have paid the RFID fees, you can get a refund from it. Just proceed to the nearest LTO district or regional office and bring one a photocopy of one (1) government issued ID.

What do you think about the Supreme Court’s decision on giving an RFID refund? Is it just right for the motorists to receive the refund?

Source: LTO website

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