How You Could Win The Biggest Lottery Jackpots in The World

If you think that the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) lottery is already mind-boggling, wait until you find out about the American and the European lotteries; they are known to be part of the biggest lottery jackpots in the world. With the recent suspension and resumption of PCSO lottery operations here in the country, many Lotto fans became worried about them not being able to bet or play their favorite games on a regular basis.

Win Millions of Dollars in the biggest lottery jackpots in the whole world
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But all you fans don’t need to worry, because even while you are here in the Philippines, you can get a chance to play the American Mega Millions lottery and the EuroMillions. You have the opportunity to win millions of dollars in lottery, online!

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What are the biggest lottery jackpots in the world?

In case you’re wondering, the American Mega Millions lottery has a current jackpot prize of $192 million. Europe’s EuroMillions, on the other hand, offers a €173 million top prize. So, forget about the P500 million-Philippine Peso grand prize when you can win more than a billion in pesos.

But can you join these biggest lottery jackpots even while you’re in the country? Most definitely, yes! In fact, you can do it while you are in the comfort of your own home—you just have to have a stable internet connection!

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If you are interested, then you’ve come across the right article and the right website—we got all the information you need! might just be the answer you’re looking for; this is the platform wherein you can purchase international lottery tickets right at the comfort of your own home. Since 2002, they have been providing nothing but entertainment, and a great chance to win over $1 million dollars.

They have paid out more than $90 million in prizes to over four (4) million winners worldwide! TheLotter has been featured numerous times in The New York Times, CBS News, NBC, and Daily Mail, giving satisfaction to their clients—win or lose!

Game choices

Other than the variety of games, there are also different “styles” that you can play in. The Standard game choice is the normal game wherein you play what your ticket is. The Syndicate game choice is when the system will allow you to bet on more numbers by sharing the cost between members of a shared group. Lastly, the Bundle game choice is when a standard/personal choice is combined with a syndicate—it is dubbed as the option that has the highest odds of winning.

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How do you play to win the biggest lottery jackpots in the world?

When you visit their website at, there will be a quick pop-up of a tutorial on how you can play; their site looks like this:

Have a chance to win the biggest lottery prizes in the world
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As you can see, there are more than a dozen lotteries available to all of you who are interested! Playing’s easy:

  1. The first step is to select which lottery you want to play in; there are tons and the good news is, they’re international—see that View All button there where there’s an arrow at the different lotteries? Click that and see the magic.
  2. After, you will be asked to select the numbers and the play of the game you want to play (number of lines, etc.); you will be then shown the total of the ticket purchase.
  3. If you don’t have an account yet, then you need to sign up first. It’s free, nothing to worry about here. You will also be asked what payment method you prefer will be—this will be your primary method of payment with the next purchases you make.
  4. After doing so, you will be redirected to the last page you were in for you to confirm your purchase.

Note: Confirmation will be within a few minutes to hours after your purchase. This will be sent by the local agents in various locations worldwide.

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Isn’t this a scam? How does it work?

If it’s a scam, then they wouldn’t be operating since 2002. It actually works simple—theLotter is a lottery ticket messenger service where they employ local agents in the countries’ lotteries that they offer.

These local agents are the ones who purchase these tickets, of course, in your command or favor. A tiny surcharge is added to the ticket prices to cover the cost of the service from TheLotter.

Once done, the tickets they were able to purchase are scanned and duly uploaded to the account of the customer before the draw date. And you don’t have to worry, TheLotter has a global schedule of the lotteries so you won’t miss a draw.

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An email confirmation will be sent to the email address you registered for security and confidentiality. Should you have any concerns, they have an online chat support which operates 24/7 and a toll-free hotline you can contact in the event that you need urgent attention.

One person a Kuwaiti player who claims that he won, said that he has been playing a little over two (2) months when he hit his first jackpot. It may not be millions (he won €7,453.45), but it’s still something that you will get the most out of.

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TheLotter review/feedback
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What does winning include?

As per TheLotter reviews, they have been successful in giving their clients happiness and satisfaction with their games. Don’t worry because since the site already charged an extra on the ticket prices, they would not be sharing any type of commission if you are lucky to win the grand prize! Everything is yours!

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Should you be lucky enough, your winnings will then be transferred to your account and you can withdraw them at any given time (as long as the ATM is working, of course).

If you have any questions about winning, or anything related to how you can play the game, you can click here to access their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Are you a diehard lotto fan? Are you tired of betting and finishing your luck in our local PCSO sweepstakes? If so, and if you really want a piece of the million dollars that other countries are offering, what are you waiting for? Try out now and bet at the biggest lottery jackpots known to man! Visit now to learn more!

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