What is Globe GoWiFi Feature and How You Can Use it

Globe Telecommunications is one of the leading telco companies here in the country. Serving over 80 million people, the public really loves the service given by Globe. They have many different offers and they have their newest Globe GoWiFi feature. We’ll explain what that is in this article.

Globe's GoWiFi Feature
This image was taken from Globe | Globe.com.ph

Other than the fact that Globe has premium services, it also has a dozen premium and cheap offers. For instance, the Globe GoSURF50 now comes with a 6GB data allocation; originally, it was just 3GB for three (3) days.

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What is the Globe GoWiFi feature?

The Globe GoWiFi feature is what its name suggests. It’s the free wi-fi Globe is offering to people who would subscribe to it. But, we’ve brought in some good news.

In their newest update, Globe announced that subscribers who register or subscribe to any GoSURF package will automatically get 1GB of free GoWiFi.

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How can GoWiFi help subscribers?

With the Globe GoWiFi feature or facility, subscribers can save up on their mobile data usage when they’re at a location where the GoWiFi signal is available. Meaning, subscribers will be given free usage of 1GB!

How can I apply or register to the GoWiFi feature?

With their promo, you can get as much as 1GB of free GoWiFi every time you register to any GoSURF promo. These promos include:

  • GoSURF50 (P50.00)
  • GoSURF299 (P299.00)
  • GoSURF599 (P599.00)
  • GoSURF999  (P999.00)

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Here’s how you can get the free GoWiFi feature:

  1. Register to any GoSURF promo (GoSURF50, GoSURF299, GoSURF599, GoSURF999)
  2. Wait for the confirmation message. In that same message, it’ll tell you that you have been given a free 1GB access to GoWiFi hotspots anywhere in the country.

NOTE: You can use the GoWiFi access to any wi-fi capable devices such as your smartphone, a tablet, even a laptop!

Where can I use GoWiFi?

Now you might be confused about how you can use Globe’s GoWiFi feature. With the GoWiFi feature, you can connect to any available GoWiFi hotspots in the country.

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Globe has partnered up with different malls, restaurants, convenience stores, transportation hubs/terminals, coffee shops, and more! GoWiFi is available in the following establishments:

  • Ayala Malls
  • Starbucks Coffee
  • Robinsons Malls
  • MegaWorld Lifestyle Malls
  • NAIA
  • SM Supermalls
  • Mactan Cebu International Airport
  • Light Rail Transit System (LRT)
  • Metro Rail Transit System (MRT)
  • Boracay

To view the full list of where you can use Globe’s GoWiFi facility, you can go ahead and click here! Just select your location and you’ll see where you can have access to it.

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Alternatively, you can click here to access the GoWiFi Locator to see the nearest GoWiFi location from where you are! You would have to turn on your location services or GPS, though, so that Globe can see where you are so they can point you to the nearest hotspot available!

Is this just for Globe prepaid subscribers only?

Definitely not! The GoWiFi feature is also available to Touch Mobile (TM) EasySURF subscribers too! Meaning, even if you’re not a Globe subscriber, you can still take advantage of the GoWiFi facility so long that you’re subscribed to any EasySURF promos while at a location where the GoWiFi feature is available!

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GoWiFi Auto

As its name suggests, GoWiFi auto is the facility where your device will automatically connect to a GoWiFi hotspot when you’re in an area where there is a hotspot!

In getting the GoWiFi Auto, you can stay online for one (1) day, three (3) days, or thirty (30) days/1 month with these packages!

Volume (capacity)
Validity period
500 MB
1 day
1.5 GB
3 days
1.5 GB
30 days/1 month

NOTE: The Free GoWiFi, GoWiFi from GoSURF, and GoWiFi Auto are different hotspot names. In connecting to GoWiFi Auto, you have to find and connect to @GoWiFi_Auto.

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Who knew that in just registering to Globe’s data promos, you’ll be able to have free Globe GoWiFi access? How cool is this?

What do you think about the GoWiFi feature that Globe is currently offering? If you live anywhere in the city or if you’re always on-the-go, then the GoWiFi facility is perfect for you! No need for you to worry about overspending on data; with Globe’s GoWiFi feature, you’re given an extra GB whenever you’re in a GoWiFi hotspot!

Source: Globe GoWiFi Facility

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