3-Hour Travel From Manila to Baguio, Now Possible!

Baguio is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country. From its scenic destinations, internationally-known venues, to its most-awaited night market or ukay-ukay, and haunted places, it really is a place you would want to be in.

3-Hour Travel From Manila to Baguio, Possible
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Typically, doing or going with the normal drive or commute to Baguio is just the most boring, and less-awaited part of the trip. The regular drive would take about six (6) to eight (8) hours while commuting would consume half of your day.

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But did you know that just a few weeks back, you can now have a 3-hour travel from Manila to Baguio? Yes, you read that right, travelers will now be able to relax whenever they’re traveling to Baguio.

3-hour travel from Manila to Baguio

Many people were skeptical about its feasibility. Baguio sits on top of the farther north of the country; and Manila? Well, it’s at the heart of Luzon. What made the impossible possible is the opening of the Pozorrubio.

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Naturally, Pozorrubio is a municipality found in the Pangasinan province. However, with the introduction of the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway or TPLEX, the public was promised that trips to the far northern part of Luzon won’t take days longer.

The Pozorrubio exit is among one of the most popular exits in the newly-built TPLEX. Taking it would make the 3-hour travel from Manila to Baguio possible.

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Don’t believe us? Take from the Department of Transportation (DOTr) Undersecretary himself, Tim Orbos.

In a Facebook post, he shared a photo of the road. In addition to that, he also said that it only took them two (2) hours from Balintawak up to the Pozorrubio exit in TPLEX.

Baguio – almost there! Opening today the Pozurrubio Pangasinan Toll Exit. It took us only two hours from Balintawak. Baguio a mere 45 minutes away from where we are. Build, Build, Build!”

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The Undersecretary even mentioned in his post the Build, Build, Build program by the current Administration. What is this program, by the way?

What is the Build, Build, Build program?

The Build, Build, Build program is a program that is led by our dearest President, President Rodrigo Duterte. This specific program, as you can see, looks to provide and establish employment through the development of infrastructure from the start of his Administration, until the end – basically for the next few years.

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Not just that, the said program also aims to promote the “ease of traveling” within the country. For instance, the Pozorrubio exit is existent for travelers from Manila to be able to travel to the north easier.

Programs that are under the Build, Build, Build Program

If you are intrigued by this program, it is imperative for you to know what planned infrastructure are part of it. Other than the Pozorrubio exit in the TPLEX (which made the 3-hour travel from Manila to Baguio possible), here are other key projects under the said program.

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  1. Cebu-Negros Link Bridge (Nationwide Island Provinces Link Bridges)
  2. Leyte-Surigao Link Bridge (Nationwide Island Link Bridges)
  3. Subic-Clark Railway
  4. 1,500-Hectare Clark, Pampanga Industrial Park
  5. North-South Railways Projects (Connecting Los Baños, Laguna to Clark Freeport, Pampanga, and Tutuban, Manila
  6. Clark International Airport (Expansion Project)

In addition to Infra, some other key projects under the program include:

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  1. Five (5) flood control facilities
  2. Ten (10) water resource projects and irrigation systems
  3. Three (3) redevelopment programs
  4. Four (4) energy facilities

The Build, Build, Build! program is starting to make a name for the Filipino people. With the 3-hour travel from Manila to Baguio possible, our countrymen would really feel the impact of this one-of-a-kind program to our country.

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If you love Baguio but you’re not patient enough to travel, you can now travel to the north in less than five (5) hours! How good is that? With the Pozorrubio exit and the TPLEX, you don’t have to spend time traveling to Baguio anymore. No more midnight riding – you can arrive there in a jiffy!

What do you think about the infrastructure project that made the 3-hour travel from Manila to Baguio possible? Do you want to try it yourself for the holidays? Hopefully, the Build, Build, Build! program will do more in the coming years for the betterment of the employment and the experience of travelers and residents of the country.

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