Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Fold 2 to be released by Samsung this February 11

Samsung Electronics recently made the announcement that they will be releasing the sequel to the Samsung Galaxy S10 at an event next month — the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Samsung Galaxy Fold and Samsung Galaxy S20 to be unveiled in February 2020
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Invitations were sent out to the media just this Sunday, and the Korean tech giant said that they will be unveiling their new, innovative devices that will shape the next decade of mobile experiences. The reveal of the said devices would happen at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked Event in San Francisco on February 11th, 2020 at11 a.m. as per the invitation.

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Fold

At the same time of the S20’s release, hints show that the next gen Samsung Galaxy Fold would be revealed as well at the event. What gave these out is the logo that Samsung came up with on the invitation.

It showed two squares instead of the letter “A” in the spelling of Galaxy. The first A on the Galaxy shows as a rectangular shape which implies the Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup and the other A appears to show the next Galaxy Fold since its folded in half in a clamshell design.

But what are we expecting and what were the leaks that we have over the course of time for the device? Yes, there were some photo leaks of the hyped device that Samsung lovers have been waiting for for years and it’s all going to be revealed in a few weeks.

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Leaks and other guesses about the devices

You guessed it right, the newest flagship phones have some leaks that many of us will be excited to see. Here are the specification leaks about the newest Samsung units.

Samsung S20 lineup

There were lots of leaks and hearsay about the said Samsung S20 lineup. For the Samsung Galaxy S20, it is expected to showcase the latest flagship chipset being offered by Snapdragon, the SD 865. No words are out just yet if it’s just the regular one or the one or the one that would support the latest 5G band.

For the camera department, the leaks state that the phone might come with a total of four (4) cameras. The main camera is expected to have a 108 megapixel shooter, 48 megapixel secondary camera for depth sensor, telephoto and ultra-wide lens as well. Furthermore, the cameras are expected to also come with a laser and phase detection auto focus.

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For the display, we will be expecting the 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display sporting a 120hz refresh rate.

The phone might (because there’s no assurance yet) come in 128 and 256 GB internal memory versions, similar to its predecessors and will have Samsung’s One UI (Android 10).

The second (2nd) gen Samsung Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Fold 2
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The second gen of the Samsung Galaxy fold is assumed to be called the Galaxy Fold 2 and as we mentioned earlier, it will most likely be seen in this coming event in February.

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The new generation will most likely fix the issues that the previous one had with the screen; where the screen gets some crumbles which can result to it cracking and eventually, broken. Unlike the first one, the second gen is expected to boast the brand new clamshell design similar to what the Motorola Razr has.

The Fold 2, unlike the first one has a whole new hideaway hinge by Samsung fixing out the issues that left the inner screen on the first version uncovered and more prone to damage

There is still no indication on how big the Fold 2 would be. With the new design, there’s a chance that it won’t have a secondary screen, but cross fingers, we hope it would still have one even just to serve for basic purposes such as notification similar to the Motorola Razr.

Are these the final designs?

To clarify, the Samsung Galaxy S20, as wel as the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is yet to be discovered. These leaks are just somewhat “teasers” that are released to boost the morale of the fans.

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Who knows? Maybe any of these can be seen in February. Let’s wait for the final reveal of the flagship phones and be mesmerized with the new technology we are given every year.

We are slowly going to the deeper stages of technological development where foldable devices are becoming a reality. Let’s wait for the announcement before we truly be mesmerized by what Samsung really has to offer.

Again, all of these are still assumptions and leaks. Exact details would be given out on Samsung’s Event in San Francisco this coming February.

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