Beware of the Fake Airpods! It can be Dangerous for Your Hearing

Since its initial release, the Apple Airpods has been  one of the most favorite gadgets and devices across the company’s board. Its sleek, sophisticated, and stylish appearance was the reason why it has seen a double in its sales last 2019.

Fake Airpods, Deemed Dangerous by Journalists and Tech Experts
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With its fame and glory, a lot of people and opportunists dared to innovate and crease fake Airpods. Yes, you read it right, people have been moving to create knockoff Airpods to be sold in the market.

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Why are there fake Airpods?

The original and the authentic pair of Airpods cost somewhere arond $159 to $249 in the market. Apple’s sales boomed to a staggering $6 billion after its hype. Its lucrative price drove thousands, of not millions of people to patronize the knockoffs as it “looks” similar.

It doesn’t, in any way, feel or function similar, taking from a few people who have tried it. In addition to the way it sounds, it also costs a lot less; it’s less than $100, making it more appealing to the “budgeted” and thrifty buyers.

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Testing of fake Airpods

One magazine called 60 million consumers, did the unspeakable and tested the knockoff Airpods which apparently was made and manufactured in China. The country is known to be a haven of counterfeit and knockoff products across the entire globe. They decided to look deeper into these low-cost materials that are patronized by millions of people.

In their test, the writers of the magazine ordered a total of seven (7) different pairs of Airpods. Unfortunately, only four (4) out of the 7 arrived at their office. Where did the other three (3) go? No on knows.

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It has been reported that it had “mysteriously” disappeared on its transit from China going to France.

Not only that, the 4 Airpods that arrived had one (1) pair that is not working. The experience, according to the writers, had been one of the worst in terms of testing.

They were given an incomplete set of what they ordered, and one of the pairs that arrived didn’t even work!

How was their experience?

As per the writers who had the three (3) Airpods, they don’t recommend it to people. Other than the fact that it doesn’t feel the way original Airpods do, they stated that the sound quality of the ones they ordered was “mediocre.”

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Other journalists even said that using these fake Airpods can completely damage and individual’s hearing. The maximum volume of the fake Airpods is dangerous as it exceeds that standard and the recommended amount of decibels by ten (10).

This doesn’t seem much but looking at it from a Scientific perspective, it could be damaging the ears.

As most people, journalists, and tech-savvy people suggest, buying fake Airpods – similar to buying other fake products – isn’t just something that is not good-looking; it could be dangerous, too.

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What you should do

When you find yourself in a situation that you want the Apple Airpods but you can’t afford it, there are other alternative to it. The Airpods can look something like it just came from the future but would you risk your health just to look like you bought a pear of hearing devices for more than $200?

Most people would say yes but in reality, the sound quality isn’t even that good! They were able to copy the device’s aesthetics and overall appearance, but they can never fake the quality.

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Apple utilizes cutting-edge and high-grade material for their products. It has been their trademark to be fake-proof and the fake Airpods is just one of them.

Final Verdict

Refrain from fake and counterfeit Airpods. Period. If you can’t afford one, wait for it to be one sale. There are other versions of it coming out so it won’t be soon before long that the prices of the first version/s will drop.

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Or, you can stick with the wired pods; it’s safe and it’s reliable. The main tip is to avoid fake Airpods as it not only provides negative quality, it can be dangerous to your hearing, too.

Both the regular Airpods and the new Airpods Pro have counterfeits. The best thing to do is to keep an eye on the legitimate ones!

What do you think about the effects and the results of these knockoff Airpods? Is this too exaggerated to the point that it really is not dangerous? Or could this be legitimate that everyone should know about it?

Source/s: Giz China | Your EDM

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