Smartphone Apps You Can Use During a Lockdown

Aside from activities that you can do, there are also smartphone apps you can utilize or take advantage of if you’re  a phone person. This is for you if you want to spend time with your smartphone than interacting with people inside your home.


DuoLingo is an app dedicated to learning new languages. It involves simple phrases and there are even some types of quizzes on it to check if you retained the information they provided. It’s a useful app to kill time, and to add knowledge, too!


Do you love playing games? Well, discord is an app that would allow you to stream. It can accommodate a total of 50 viewers at a time, and the best part is it doesn’t have a time limit! You can chat with all of your friends with just one app!

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GrabFood, FoodPanda, LalaMove

Are you hungry and you’re too afraid to go out? Or are you not feeling going out any time soon? Try these apps out to get the food that you like! Take note, though because there are only specific locations where these apps are enabled in.

If you live in far-off rural areas, chances are, you wouldn’t be able to use these apps efficiently.

PayMaya and GCash

Online shopping is among the most favorite activities of people, especially during this time. One of the best lockdown tips we have for smartphone fanatics would be to utilize online payment schemes like PayMaya and GCash.

Doing so, you can order without you going out! And the parcel will be delivered to your location – no need for you to move!

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Are you a movie or a TV series addict? Then Netflix is perfect for you! Netflix has over 500+ titles for TV shows and for movies each. One thing worth noting is the fact that Netflix is subscription-based – so you would have to pay for your subscription with Netflix.

But that amount would totally be beneficial because of all the movies and TV shows available to you.

What do you think about our best lockdown tips for you during this lockdown or extreme quarantine we are having? Would any of these fancy you? Would you be able to kill boredom and be happy by just being at home?

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