COVID-19 Hotline, Established by UP-PGH

With the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Philippines reaching 3,094, hospitals, clinics, and other medical centers are all filled. More and more hospitals are reaching their limits and more people are entering to have themselves checked.

COVID-19 Hotline by the UP-PGH
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To take part in the fight against the infamous COVID-19, the University of the Philippines – Philippine General Hospital launched the COVID-19 hotline to help and assist people who are at home and are experiencing any types of symptoms of the said disease.

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COVID-19 Bayanihan Operations Center

The COVID-19 hotline they’ve setup is 155200. There are dedicate workers in the scene who can help people who are at home check whether or not they have been infected with the said disease.

When you should call the COVID-19 hotline

So when exactly can you call the hotline for the COVID-19? It’s simple – when you are experiencing symptoms of the disease. Some of the subtle signs of the infection includes:

  • A sore throat
  • Dry cough
  • Body soreness and body aches
  • Mucus feeling even without colds

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In addition to that, some of the more severe symptoms of the COVID-19 that would strengthen the claim would be:

  • A flu or a high fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Shortness of breath
  • Tightening of chest

The COVID-19 Bayanihan Operations  Center that the UP-PGH has established works to manage the influx of patients in emergency rooms and hospitals. Basically, when you think you have symptoms, you wouldn’t dive to go and visit any hospital.

What you can do is you can call the hotline first to assess and evaluate whether or not you have the symptoms. The workers might not be able to see or check on you physically but they have been trained to determine whether or not the symptoms are manifesting the disease.

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Importance of the hotline

The number of people who drive themselves in the emergency rooms of hospitals are not becoming any less. In fact, more and more people are entering to have themselves checked.

Furthermore, the hotline that the UP-PGH has is strictly for patients who have COVID-19 positive. Otherwise, patients that are still under investigation (PUI) or under monitoring (PUM) will be referred to other hospitals of the same league.

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This maintains and controls the flow of people in hospitals, making it affordable for them to function properly.

Atty. Danilo Concepcion, UP President, said that the UP-PGH Covid-19 Hotline is a form of assistance to the hospital and to the people as well.

Upang magsilbing sentro na tagapag-ugnay ng ating sama-samang pagkilos, inilulunsad po natin ngayong umaga ang UP-PGH COVID-19 [Bayanihan] Operations Center.”

In Translation: In order for us to have a centralized customer care service, we are launching the UP-PGH COVID-19 Operations Center this morning.

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Information about the workforce

If you are interested about contacting the hotline, then here are a few things to keep in mind about them:

  • The center can accommodate up to 20 simultaneous calls
  • They’ll prioritize COVIID-19 positive patients
  • If you’re under monitoring or investigation, you’ll be referred to other hospitals
  • The station is located at the UP-PGH Nurses’ Home in Manila City
  • Donors and volunteers can keep in touch with the PGH for any type of COVID-19-related inquiry

Other websites and hotlines

A total of 700+ doctors built and established COVID Ask Force, which is an online tool that can help people determine whether or not they’ve been infected by the virus or not. It can be accessed through the COVID 19 Ask Force.

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You can refer to this link to now more about it. However, it’s not just that. There were also companies and businesses that pushed efforts in helping the countrymen in the current situation we are now in.

To add to the efforts of medical doctors accepting patient consultations online, the UP-PGH is also determined to help the entire country in its fight against the infamous Coronavirus.

As of writing, 76 people were added in the list of the infected patients, totaling the number to 3,094; where 57 recovered and were free from the virus.

What do you think about the COVID-19 hotline established through the efforts of the University of the Philippines – Philippine General Hospital? Is this a useful tool in managing the influx of patients in the hospital? Can this be an easier way for patients to determine their status?

Just dial 155200 if you need their help and assistance!

Source: Spot PH | Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Facebook Page

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