Manila City Road Closures During the SEA Games 2019

Traffic is something normal to Filipinos. In fact, we get more surprised when the road we’re about to take is not congested. The 30th Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) will take place here in Manila City; and you guessed it right, traffic will definitely worsen.

Manila City Road Closures During the 2019 SEA Games
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The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) had announced that they will be implementing a “stop-and-go” traffic scheme. According to them, this would help ensure a smooth flow of traffic during the event.

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No, it’s not just going to be as simple as that. In addition to that, the MMDA, as well as the Manila City government, said that motorists and commuter should expect Manila City road closures during the SEA Games 2019.

Manila City road closures advisory from the MMDA

As per the MMDA’s latest Facebook post, they said that they’ll be implementing road closures in the capital city of the Philippines. In addition to that, they said that alternate routes are going to be available when the roads are closed so commuters and motorists, need not to fret.

The event will take place on November 30th, 2019 until December 11th, 2019. So, all motorists and commuters should be ready for it; it’s going to be the longest two (2) week road closure our country has ever faced.

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Without further ado, here are the road closures you should expect during the SEA Games 2019.

  1. Along Adriatico Street, from Quirino Avenue all the way up to P. Ocampo Street (both directions will be closed); and
  2. Along P. Ocampo Street, from Taft Avenue all the way up to Adriatico Street (westbound vehicles and traffic only).

Thinking about it proves to be such a hassle, we know. But don’t worry, the MMDA has announced alternate routes that motorists and commuters can take when the roads are shut off. So take note of these alternate routes that you can take if you are going to traverse the roads mentioned during the 2019 SEA Games.

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Alternate routes for the Manila City road closures during the SEA Games 2019

  1. All vehicles that would be coming from Taft Avenue going westbound of Quirino Avenue intending to go and turn left to Adriatico Street; alternate route: Go straigt to Roxas Boulevard to reach your destination. Alternatively, you can traverse the Mabini Street. 
  2. Vehicles that would be coming from Taft Avenue who intend to go westbound (westbound of P. Ocampo Street); alternate route: Use Menlo Street then take on Donada Street to reach your destination. 
  3. All vehicles that are coming from FB Harrison Street or Roxas Avenue, intending to take the eastbound lane of P. Ocampo Street; who intend to use the Adriatico Street; alternate route: Go straight to Taft Avenue and follow all alternate routes to reach the point of the destination. 
  4. Lastly, all vehicles that would be coming from FB Harrison Street or Roxas Avenue via the eastbound lane of Quirino Avenue who intend to use Adriatic Street; alternate route: Go straight to Taft Avenue to arrive at your destination. 

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Class suspensions in Manila City

People who would be the most concerned would be the students who attend school in the places mentioned. But don’t worry, some schools already announced class suspensions due to the severe Manila City road closures during the SEA Games 2019.

Suspending the classes not only helps the students, it also eases the road users in the area; making it less congested than how they are expecting it to be. The buildup of traffic during that time would be extremely heavy, that’s why some schools decided that it might be better to just suspend classes.

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On the other hand, if you are residents in any of these or nearby areas, you might want to consider making extra efforts to arrive wherever you want to go without being stuck in traffic.

The MMDA already laid out plans and expectations on where they “think” choke points and bottlenecks would be possible. You can check out the report done by Top Gear PH here.

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If you are already worried with the traffic during the 2019 SEA Games, you better come prepared. It won’t be easy as it’s going to be for almost two (2) weeks. The Manila City road closures would not be by schedule – it’s permanent. In order for you to properly adapt and adjust to it, make sure you already have plans in taking alternate routes that the MMDA suggested.

Source: MMDA Facebook Page | Top Gear PH

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